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Bulgaria Visas, Permits and Immigration

The Bulgarian passport is a type of document issued to Bulgarian nationals for international travel. Passports can also serve as evidence of their Bulgarian citizenship. The Bulgarian Ministry of Interior Affairs is responsible for the renewal and issuance of Bulgarian passports.


Deep BLUE is a gateway to make  immigration easy to Bulgaria for foreigners. Our main aim is to guide nationals of  foreign countries to immigrate and to expand their business in Bulgaria. Our main principle of consultancy is to provide top quality and successful result by providing our services to achieve the goal well in time and to keep the highest success rate of our clients.

Bulgaria is the best country for business opportunities and expansion. Bulgaria is a member of NATO since 2004 and joined the European Union in 2007. It is expected to join Schengen with in a period of one year. The country is financially stable, politically safe and crime free.

Bulgaria is a upper-middle class country and according to market analysis average monthly salary of 400 euros. The tourism sector is well-developed contributing of up to 22% of the total GDP of the country, visited by more than 10 million tourists every year coming from Schengen Countries Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Romania,  Russia, Ukraine and United Kingdom. Many residents of United Kingdom and Russia are living  permanently in Bulgaria.Tourism Industry forecasts show that the number of tourists will increase to 12 million tourists in 2018.

Political and business stability:

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, NATO and WTO

The stability of the currency is supported by the currency board, pegging the Bulgarian lev to the euro at the level of 1.96
Bulgaria has one of the lowest government debts in the European Union (18.5 % of GDP) and one of the lowest budget deficits (0.8%) as of 2012 Access to markets:-

Due to its location Bulgaria provides direct access to the following key markets:

European Union - zero tariff market with population of 500 million

CIS – still not well penetrated market with a high potential

Turkey - zero tariff market of near 80 million population

Bulgaria offers the lowest Corporate and Personal Income tax rates across the whole European Union fixed at 10%. The Personal income tax rate is flat regardless of the amount you earn. The bank system is stable.  Credit interest rates are low and it is expected to decrease further.

According to business economic forecast Bulgaria will keep performing well in future and this attracts a huge number of foreign nationals to consider Bulgaria as their next business destination.

When we decide to migrate to another country, then a lot of questions come to our mind. To find the answer of our questions we try to search some immigration consultant to guide us and to clarify our questions. We have to exchange a lot of email and phone calls to find the answer of our questions and doubts and still we feel that we are not getting the complete answer of our questions due to language and cultural difference, Especially when we select a country of different culture  and European life style.

We have the top immigration consultants and lawyers in our company in Bulgaria with our dual presentation in Bulgaria and as well as in India to make this easy for Indian clients.

In our team we have Indian, Chinese, Russian and Bulgarian national working together to understand your requirement and to respond you quickly without any hassles. Moreover this is also a true fact that when client takes a decision to process his migration case then always one thought comes to mind that “I am transferring professional charges of consultant to abroad, What will happen to my money as i do not have any local representative in India of this company.”

Being our physical presence in both of the countries clients can rely on us, There is no need to worry right from the paper work to get Resident Permit as we have the specialized professionals in our team to handle your case successfully.

We also provide business consultancy to our clients to establish business in Bulgaria according to their budget and qualification. In our team we have a member from India especially to understand the requirement of  Indian, Chinese and Russian Clients, to respond them quickly to make process fast for their resident permit.


Immigration to Bulgaria has come in waves all throughout history. This was further enhanced upon its accession to the European Union last January 1, 2007.

Bulgarian Passport

Foreign nationals who wish to travel inside Schengen countries and Cortia as well as European Union member states are not required to carry passports. Instead, they can use their national identification cards or Ids.

There are different types of Bulgarian passports. These include regular, service, and diplomatic passports.

Regular passport – The Bulgarian regular passport is available to all citizens of Bulgaria.
Service passport – Issuance of this type of passport is solely for employees upon request by the respective directorate or government agency.
Diplomatic passport – This passport is for high-ranking state officials, diplomats and their immediate families.

Bulgarian Visa

Bulgarian immigration issue a visa-free travel for residents of states under the European Union. Bulgaria also extends its visa-free policy for a maximum of thirty (30) days to EEA (European Economic Area) countries and to a range of other countries such as United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, Japan, Korea, Romania, and Australia.

A visa is issued only to valid passport holders and the visa is valid for three months until after the intended stay. The purpose of travel and their residence while in Bulgaria needs to be submitted on paper at application.

Visa application processing can usually take up to 10 working days, since each application needs to receive clearance by the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry in Sofia.

Foreigners entering Bulgarian territory on a motor vehicle have to present a document of ownership for that vehicle, if such ownership is not explicitly shown in the vehicle’s registration documents.

Bulgarian Visa Types
Bulgarian Business Visa

Bulgarian business visas are granted with single or double entry permits. These are valid for 3 to 6 months. They are temporary visas, and holders are not allowed to undertake a position of employment throughout their stay in Bulgaria. This visa is ideal for foreigners who need to visit Bulgaria for business matters such as conferences or meetings. The requirements for obtaining this type of visa include:

•    a passport with at least a 6-month validity;
•    1 passport-type photograph;
•    a letter from the company in the applicant’s country stating the duration and purpose of the individual’s trip; and
•    a letter of invitation from a company in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Multiple Entry Visa

Bulgarian multiple entry visas are usually issued to individuals with business contacts within the country of Bulgaria. This multiple entry visa is valid for 3 months. The Bulgarian Embassy allows extensions provided that the foreign national gives the passport before the visa’s date of expiration. To obtain this Bulgarian multi entry visa, applicants must submit all requirements.
Bulgarian Tourist Visa

Bulgarian tourist visas are usually granted for a maximum validity of 3 months beyond the date of issuance. This allows the holder to visit Bulgaria for a maximum stay of 30 days. The requirements for non-US citizens who wish to acquire a Bulgarian tourist visa include:

•    a passport with at least 6 months validity;
•    fully completed and signed application form;
•    a copy of a declaration form;
•    1 passport-type photograph;
•    Copy of the Green Card or a valid visa bank of the applicant’s own country;
•    Invitation from a Bulgarian host;
•    Onward or return ticket; and
•    Proof of medical insurance

Upon arriving in Bulgarian premises, the applicant must have medical or travel insurance covering emergency medical expenses, repatriation, transportation, mortal remains, hospitalization, and funeral services.

Dependent Immigration and Spouse Immigration

Bulgarian tourist and business visas are short-term visa solutions for those who do not want to stay for long periods in Bulgaria. Bulgarian tourist and business visas are only valid for a limited amount of days. The visa holder is obliged to return to their homeland before the visa’s expiration date.

Bulgarian visas do not make provisions for those unmarried partners, spouses, dependent children or civil partners in case they want to accompany the main applicant. All candidates should obtain a Bulgarian visa in their own rights.


All applicants for a Bulgarian visa will need supporting documents such as a valid passport from the country of origin and evidence of residency. Applicants must also present their host’s certificate of residency in Bulgaria. They must also provide return tickets or travel documents relevant to their next destination.

The candidate must provide a letter from a relevant corporation or company in Bulgaria and the organization in the candidate’s home country to be eligible for a business visa. The letters must give details of the proposed length and purpose of the trip. The letter must confirm the individual or entity shouldering the financial responsibility for the candidate throughout their stay in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce should authorize the letter in order to make it legitimate and official.

Bulgarian Immigration Permit
Residence Permit

All foreigners staying in the territory of Bulgaria for more than 30 to 90 days require a residence permit. This depends on their nationality and the purpose of their stay. The residence permits are valid for 12 months and can be renewed at the end of its validity. The holder’s dependants are also granted a permit. There are different types of residence permits issued according to the applicant’s employment status such as employee, pensioner, and freelance professional.

When foreigners marry Bulgarian citizens or foreigners permanently residing in Bulgaria, they must abide by the Bulgarian rules and submit the needed requirements.

Foreign nationals must bring the following when applying for permanent residence permits:

•    original copy of marriage certificate;
•    documents containing evidence of sufficient funds to support themselves during their entire stay in Bulgaria; and
•    a document containing information about approved permanent residence of the spouse issued to a foreigner by the state administrative control bodies.

Foreign pensioners need to produce documents detailing their retirement income and a bank account in Bulgaria with a Bulgarian address.

Applicants must obtain a short or long stay visa in their home country to apply for a residence permit. These individuals must also travel to the territory of Bulgaria. They should apply for the appropriate residence permit upon entering Bulgaria.
Work Permit

Foreigners working in Bulgaria for 3 months or less will not require a work permit, but they have to register with the employment agency. Foreign nationals working in Bulgaria for more than 3 months will need a work permit to be legally employed. A number of legal terms and conditions must be satisfied before the issuance of a Bulgarian work permit. These foreign nationals need to submit an application form both to the Bulgarian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and an accredited employment agency.

A mandatory requirement for initially obtaining a work permit is granted by a long stay visa. Foreign nationals on short stay visas may not seek employment or apply for a work permit in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria’s Migration Policy

The democratic changes in Bulgaria and the processes of globalization changed the country’s migration conditions. The regulation of migration is among the major priorities of the Bulgarian Government. The aim of this policy is to improve the security of Bulgarian citizens and to prevent trafficking and illegal migration. This new Bulgarian migration policy aims to control illegal immigrants from entering Bulgaria while respecting the fundamental human rights and freedom as guaranteed by international treaties and European Union Standards.

Bulgarian Citizenship Act

This act specifies the procedures and conditions for the acquisition, loss, and reinstatement of Bulgarian citizenship. A Bulgarian citizenship is ruled by the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Any citizen from other states will only be considered a Bulgarian citizen in accordance to Bulgarian legislation. Adoption will not change the citizenship of an individual.

Bulgarian Foreigners Act

The changes to Bulgaria’s Foreigners Act were approved by the Cabinet of Bulgaria on May 2005. Now, Bulgaria’s Foreigners Act encompasses not only foreigners but also family members of Bulgarian nationals not considered as European Economic Area or EU citizens. Now, foreigners entering Bulgaria need to declare a minimum amount of fifty euros every day for personal finances. This excludes cases of specific agreements on cultural, educational or scientific exchanges. Before, the sum was fifty lev (almost half of the new requirements).

Bulgarian Immigration Program

The new immigration program was lately put in place by the Bulgarian department of immigration to facilitate and speed up the system for foreign nationals applying as business immigrants. The program allows high net worth individuals and members of families from obtaining their Bulgarian permanent residence status with all the advantages of a European Union permanent residence. Applicants must invest the sum of 500000 US dollars before they can get a permanent residence in Bulgaria. This will be returned to them without interest by the end of a 5-year period. The Bulgarian business immigrant should prove that they have a minimum amount of money obtained legally and not under criminal investigation.


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