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* Breast augmentation (Implant) package
* Buttock augmentation (Implant) package
* Chin Implant in Costa Rica package deal
* Ear Surgery in Costa Rica package deal
* Face Lift in Costa Rica package deal
* Lipostructure package
* Rhinoplasty package

Sun, Fun & Plastic Surgery - Costa Rica

TROPIC Vacation offer you"Transformation Vacation"...

A growing number of people today prefer to have plastic surgery procedures at facilities far from their homes. They are seeking out “destination” locations where they can wrap a little shopping and sightseeing around their recovery time. TROPIC Vacation Plastic Surgery, introduces a “transformation vacation” to help jump-start the recovery process after they undergo plastic surgery in Costa Rica.

According to TROPIC Vacation, who has been featured in such media as Fortune, The New York Times, Access Hollywood, and other media outlets, roughly 20 percent of his patients drive or fly in from locales at least two hours away. Many come from Northern American cities, while others from such states as Alabama, Mississippi, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Missouri, Massachusetts, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and abroad including Germany, New Zealand, Canada, China, France, Ivory Coast, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. “They are choosing to spend those first crucial days of recovery in a quiet hotel or other facility where they can get the care they need, but also take in what we have to offer here as a get-away city.”

TROPIC Vacation Plastic Surgery Transformation Vacation
includes “concierge” style services to help patients coordinate hotel or facility accommodations, make reservations or book excursions and shopping trips. TROPIC Vacation's practice also offers other services that connect patients with Costa Rica businesses, such as health clubs, beauty salons and fashion retailers where they can get help starting new workout routines or re-vamping their wardrobes or skincare regimens. Those amenities, coupled with the Transformation Vacation, make it possible to help turn what can be sometimes long and tedious recovery process into a life-affirming adventure. Some people have larger procedures during their plastic surgery such as a Los Angeles tummy tuck. In these case, careful planning before the trip allows for improved safety.
The advantages of an out-of-town recovery presents and appealing option for some patients who may not have the luxury to create a quiet setting back home, due to children or other obligations. While away they have time to take in the immediate effects of their surgery and have begin adjusting to physical changes before going home, both important facets of the healing process.

TROPIC Vacation Plastic Surgery stresses recovery from even the most minor plastic surgery procedures takes longer than just a week or two, and that additional recovery time is always involved once a patient gets back home. “We are a strong believers that if our patients have a positive recovery experience they will enjoy their final results more and they will heal faster,”.

For more information on travel for cosmetic surgery, please call us at US 402 258 1013402 258 1013 or Costa Rica phone number: 011 506 2232 0007, or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , also "Skype" name - contact2cr. We look forward to meeting you and helping you decide if a procedure is right for you!

Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica

Nowadays, due to the rise in the safety of surgical treatments as well as increasing health levels, plastic surgery has become very popular. Today, many procedures can be performed in an ambulatory way and only require a visit to your doctor’s office. The increase in life expectancy has also played an important role in the recent boom of plastic surgery since people are living longer lives, making youth a symbol of activity and beauty. Individuals who desire to enhance their appearance or to improve the features of their face or body will find a solution in plastic surgery and will be able to feel better about themselves.

The health care system in Costa Rica is among the best in the world and you will not find better facilities anywhere else in Latin America. The cost of specialized surgery is sometimes as much as 50 to 60% less expensive in Costa Rica than in the United States and it is performed by professionals of the same caliber. People come from all over the world due to the extraordinary low costs, high skilled certified plastic surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities. The climate is very pleasant as well and the locals are very welcoming and friendly.

* Face Lift Surgery
* Eyelid Surgery
* Breast Augmentation
* Breast Reduction Breast Lift
* Breast Reconstruction
* Liposuction Surgery Tummy Tuck Surgery
* Buttocks Augmentation
* Rhinoplasty Surgery
* Ear Surgery


Our main goal is to provide the best service to our patients to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Most of our patients are referred to us through recommendation of former satisfied patients.

In al our patients, we need to know specific data about general health and your photographs of the area to be treated. We will analyze them and give you our assessment by e-mail or fax, the next day. All Patients must have medical clearance written by his/her personal physician and laboratory tests:

Preparing for Surgery

Preoperative medical clearance and laboratory tests

All patients of any age must fill out the questionnaire we send out and must consult their medical condition wtih their own personal physician.
For all patients, we need:

CBC with differential
PT (Protrombine Time)
PTT (Partial Tromboplastine Time)

For Patients older than 35:

EKG (Electrocardiogram)
Chest X Ray
Blood Glucose
Sodium, Potassium

Patients with chronic conditions, such as Arterial Hypertension, Diabetes,Renal disease or Hyper/Hypothiroidism, must have a written medical clearance from their personal physician. If you want, all these tests and evaluations can be arranged for at our Clinic; however, if we find any safety risk for the surgery during such an evaluation,, your surgery could be canceled or delayed

Since you come from outside Costa Rica, we need to be sure everything is perfect for your surgery. Planning for surgery: By e-mail, we will schedule an appointment 1 day before the surgery in order to fill out all the medical forms and perform all necessary laboratory tests and examinations. At that time, we will take care of all the financial arrangements. Remember to check your passport status.

In order to avoid some delay in your surgery, it is better to have everything set before coming to your preop appointment. Cardiologist preop assessment should be done at your local medical canter. Also, clinical preoperative laboratory tests should be done at your local medical laboratory.

Preoperative consultation: For this appointment:
a. You will have the opportunity to clear all your doubts about surgery with our Doctoe.
b. Our Doctor will take photographs of the area to be treated and will discuss with you the different options of the surgery or procedures to be performed.

We perform all our surgeries on an ambulatory basis. This alows the patient to be taken to our private recovery retreat 2 or 3 hours after surgery.
our Doctor ALWAYS keeps close watch over his patients so, daily postoperative follow-up appointments will be scheduled after your surgery. Afterwards, our staff at the recovery retreat will keep carrying the patient every day to the clinic in order to continue the follow up visits.

Before you leave the clinic, we will assign a post-operative appointment during which our Doctor will remove stitches and evaluate your improvement.
Our prices include all medical costs, hospital expenses, necessary medical clothing and medications to be used before and after surgery. You must be aware of this before any plastic surgery can take place.


TROPIC Vacation Plastic Surgery
CONTACT US: Costa Rica - 011 506 2232 0007 - 24/7, 8850 7777, 'SKYPE' name - contact2cr
E-MAIL: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




София, България
Тел: + (359) 888 369 884
E-mail :
Bulgaria; Sofia
Phones: + 359 888 369 884


Къщи за гости

# VRBG 9017 - Къща за гости Слънчев Рай, Мрачево, Брой наематели: 12, Цени на ден в лева - 30 - 35лв. а легло на нощ

# VRBG 9016 - Къща за гости Casa de Arte, Балчик-Албена, Брой наематели: 16-18, Цени на ден в лева - 320 - 360 лв. на нощ

# VRBG 9015 - Къща за гости Естера Вини, Перущица, Брой наематели: 24, Цени на ден в лева - 60 лв - 210 лв. на нощ

# VRBG 9014 - Къща за гости Конакът, село Орехово, в сърцето на Родопа планина, Брой наематели: 16, Цени на ден в лева - 35 лв - 85 лв. на чавек на ден

# VRBG 9012 - Чамурковата къща - Велико Търново в посока Варна в с. Малки Чифлик, Брой наематели: 21, Цени на ден в лева - 25 лв.

# VRBG 9011 - Къща за гости Панчеви * * * - Кресна, Тип: Къщи в Кресна, Брой наематели: 7, Цена: 150 лв. на вечер

# VRBG 9010 - Йовина къща - Жеравна, 4 двойни и една тройна стаи, Брой гости: 11, 50 лв на човек за нощ

Къща за гости Веселие, 10 гости, 280 лв на нощ.

# VRBG 9009 - Вила Монте, Велинград, приема до 9 гости, цена: 150 лв. на нощ

Къща при Бунара - Стари Бистрилишки къщи, 240 лв. на нощ, Цената важи за 1 нощувка, Цената важи за 8 гости

Къща за гости "Галияна" - Луксозна вила до брега на Струма за 22 човека. Цена: 500 лв. на нощ

Вила Челюстница - За една незабравима ваканция. Цена 485 лв. на нощ.



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